2005 – Present Full time painter and Teaching at Venice Art Center

2002- 2004 Guilford Technical Community College, Jamestown NC
Faculty Full Time Associate Professor of Art
Art History I and II, Art Appreciation, Design I and II, Drawing I and II

2001 – 2002 Winston Salem State University , W-S, NC
Winston Salem Adjunct Faculty
Art History , Drawing I

1998 ~ 2001 N C A & T State University, Greensboro, NC
Adjunct Assistant Professor of Art
Design I & II, Color Theory, Painting Materials and Techniques,
Basic Drawing and Composition

1994 ~ 1998 Guilford Technical Community College, Jamestown, NC
Design I & II, Color Theory, Painting I & II, Drawing I,
Advanced Drawing, Art History I, Life Drawing Fashion

1989 ~ 1992 University of La Verne, Naples, Italy
Oil Painting, Drawing, Technique & Materials, Watercolor,
Fundamentals of Design, Independent Studies at 200+ Levels,
Drawing & Painting Interdependency

1997 ~ 1998 Sawtooth Visual Arts Center (Evening Sessions)
Alternative Teaching:  Acrylic & Oil Painting

1997~1998 Forsyth County Schools (Summer Art Honors Program)
Alternative Teaching:  Abstract / Conceptual Drawing & Painting

Fall 1997 Forsyth Technical Community College
Alternative Teaching:  Art Appreciation


Exhibiting member, “Associated Artists of Winston-Salem”
Co-chair Exhibiting Member Jury Committee 1997-1999
Exhibiting Jury Committee 1999-2001

Sarasota Associated Artists,Sarasota FL

Venice Cultural Arts Center ,Venice FL

Workshops & Seminars:

Technique of Classical Painting: weekend painting workshop

A series of four presentations at Saint Timothy’s Church in Winston-Salem,NC.
Taught in conjunction with Dr. Beatrice Bruteau. PH.D.

Fellowship of the Trinity, Winston-Salem, NC


City University of New York, New York, NY

H.H. Lehman College
          Master of Fine Art ~ 1977
          Bachelor of Fine Arts ~ 1972

Professional Representation:

1990 ~ 1991 Sterling Europea, Fondi Italy

1991 ~ 1993 Galleria Punto Arte , Fondi, Italy

1988 ~ 1993 Markel/Sears Fine Arts, Inc., Soho New York, NY

1986 ~ 1987 The Kathryn Markel Gallery , 57th& Madison Ave. New York, NY


2005 Rathausfoyer Lohfelden-Kassel-Germany

          Werke auf Papier ,”Roma-New York-Connection”,

          One person show

2003  Community Exhibit Gallery, Southeastern Center For Contemporary Art
          Drawings and Sketches, Exhibiting Members
          Associated Artists, W-S N C

          Associated Artists Gallery
          Exhibiting Member Show, Sawtooth Building, W-S NC

2002 Diggs Gallery
          Winston Salem State University
          Fine Arts Faculty Showcase
          Curator Belinda Tate

2001 -02

          11TH Annual Regional Exhibition
          The Work of NC Artists
          Waterworks Visual Arts Center, Salisbury NC

2001  UNI Gallery of Art,The College of Education of the University of

          Northern Iowa “ A Question of Faith” ( Juror ) Eleanor Heartney

            Associated Artists Gallery
          Sense of Place , W-S, N.C.

          AAWS& Milton Rhodes Galleries, W-S, NC
          Expressions of Light

          Morris Brown College , Atlanta ,Georgia

          A&T University Student & faculty

          Arts Council of

          Winston ,Salem
          Mayor’s Office-City Hall

2000  RJR Gallery “Transcending Space & Time”

          Associated Artists of Winston-Salem

          Rhodes Gallery “ Personalities”
          Associated Artists of NC

          Edward Waters College
          Jacksonville, FL
          NC A&T University, Student/Faculty Show

          Dimensions 2000, “The Art of the New Millennium”
          35th Annual National Jurored Art Competition ,

          ( Juror ) Nancy Dahlstrom

1999 ~ 2000

          YWCA “Grids, Gates, Venus”-

          20 Years Retrospective Works Winston-Salem, NC

1999 XI Edizione Del Porticato Gaetano, Gaeta, Italy

          Piedmont Club, Winston-Salem, NC

          Atrium II Gallery, Portsmouth, VA
          NC A&T University, Student/Faculty

          H.C. Taylor Gallery, Faculty Show
          NC A&T State University, Greensboro, NC

1998  Rhodes Gallery, Faculty Show
          Sawtooth Art Center, Winston-Salem, NC

          J. Paul Sticht Center, One Person Show
          Bowman Gray…Winston- Salem

          Arts Council Boardroom, Group Show
          Winston-Salem, NC


          Babcock International Management Center
          Wake Forest University, Winston-Salem, NC

1997  United Way Arts Show
          Winston-Salem, NC

          RJR Gallery ~ Sawtooth Visual Arts Center 
          Winston-Salem, NC

          Yonkers Eductional Center,
          Yonkers, NY (One Person) (Curator ) Frank Dituri

1993  Decimo Porticato Gaetano, Castello Angioino, Gaeta, Italy

          Assessorato Alla Cultura Comune Di Lenola, Lenola, Italy

          Decimo Porticato Gaetano, Castello Angioino, Gaeta, Italy

1991  Gallery Sterling Europea, Fondi, Italy

          Chiostro San Francesco, Fondi, Italy

          West Room Gallery , Yonkers, N.Y.
          “Maltempo” (One Person) (Curator ) Frank Dituri

          Galleria Punto Arte, Fondi,(Group) Italy

          Assessorato Alla Cultura, Comune di Pescara, Italy

          Bronx Museum of the Arts, Bronx, NY Emerging Artists

1979 PS 1, Long Island City, NY (Group)

          H.H. Lehman Gallery, “14 Painters”, Included works by

          David Reed & Sean Scully
          City University of New York

1978  H. H. Lehman Gallery, Agresti- Bellinger
          City University Of New York

Artist Statement

          I see the familiar and the known as leading us into the mysterious and the unknown, which is transformative.  For instance, a picket fence is homey, but it expresses both barrier and entrance through its gate. If there is drapery, we are drawn to pass into its opening, into the dark empty space.

          Literal physical objects are important to me.  Even the physicality of the paint is important.  The physicality of the paint mimics the physicality of the earth.  Then the literal becomes symbolic and the symbolic becomes emotional. It has to reach the level of feeling. 

          In much of my work there is pathos and grief. They require the literalness of the image to make the feeling felt.  Once the literalness of the image has been established, I can distance myself from it to some extent to learn what it means.  Any painting is necessarily a self-portrait, expressing what the artist is going through at the time.  The greater part is the viewer’s response, an interpretation which is already informed with a personal history.

‘My work begins with the body, the tangible, and the sensual. ‘

          The body, however suggested, becomes the metaphor for transformative reality. The body becomes a landscape and the landscape becomes a ritualized space where emotions move.  The outside becomes the inside; the framed, the boundless.  Anchored to earth we are endless in our loitering explorations.

          The seductive quality of the painting is reminiscent of dream space, a kind of spiritual déjà vu in its familiarity.  It lures you into the depths of its successive spaces and then it devours you.  It’s like Krishna’s mouth into which all beings are drawn.  As in a sacrament, the humble and the mundane are transformed into the radiance of divinity.

Francesco Agresti